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  Yacool Lens System 1.56 Index(TS-46) Single Vision Resin Lens

 Choice of Diamelers
 High Optical Precision
 Easy Cutting
 Higher Scratch Ressistance
 High Material Siability
 Simple Care in Handing and Cleaning

 Measurement  Result
 Diameters  65mm/70mm  64.8mm/69.6mm
 refractive index windage  1.560  1.557
 Optical prec  +0.25  0.07
 Cutting ability  OK  OK
 Scratchability     Hs  +0.8%  0.2%
 Color dispel Date  36.2  35.8
 UV Ability     T SUVA  +90%  11.9%
            T SUVB  +45%  0.5%

 Choice of Tintable  Brown、Gray、Seven Color、Double color changing
 Choice of appendant  AR、Hard、Hard and coating、UV、hertzian Waves
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